A Word About Tour Etiquette

    MHSNJ warehouse operations tours are the nucleus of our program year and we deeply indebted to the host companies that have so graciously opened their doors to our group. It is a privilege to be invited to visit a host company's facility and to tour their operation.

    As guests and as representatives of the MHSNJ, it is imperative that all tour participants adhere to this code of conduct to insure an orderly, productive and pleasant experience for all.

    1. Business or business casual attire is acceptable. We are an organization of professionals and should dress the part.

    2. Preregistration online, by phone, fax or mail is required. Those who have not preregistered may be turned away. Without preregistration, it is impossible to plan for the number of tour guides and seating at the catering facility.

    3. Tour attendees are expected to arrive BEFORE the tour commences (during the tour registration period as listed in the newsletter or on the website). In fairness to those who have arrived on time, our tour hosts, the catering staff and dinner speakers. the program will begin promptly according to schedule. No admittance will be allowed after the program has begun.

    4. Tour attendees are expected to remain in close proximity to their tour guide at all times. Courteous, attentive behavior is expected and deserved. Should you wander from your group, engage in distracting conversations, use cell phones, or otherwise disrupt the educational opportunity, you may be asked to leave. USE OF CELL PHONES AND/OR CAMERA IS PROHIBITED.

    5. Questions and comments to our tour hosts or speakers are to be of a positive nature and are to be focused on contributing to the educational experience of the entire group. Just as one would not criticize the decor of a neighbor's home while seated at their dinner table, it is equally distasteful to publicly critique a host's operation.

    6. In an effort to foster a relaxed atmosphere for the exchange of information. overt selling activities are considered inappropriate at MHSNJ events. MHSNJ's membership consists of operations practitioners as well as vendor representatives. Each of these segments is an integral part of the organizations and they contribute greatly to the wealth of knowledge available to our members.

    7. Networking, sharing or ideas and experiences, is encouraged. As part or MHSNJ's primary goal of advancing the science and art of material handling through education, attendees at all MHSNJ events are encouraged to introduce themselves to those who are unfamiliar. Only by broadening our horizons can we meet our objectives.