Significant Dates and Events

    January 5, 1949  Society “concept” meeting held at Newark, NJ Athletic Club; 35 attendees, mostly manufacturing and vendors.

    February 25, 1949  “Organizational” meeting help in Public Service Co. auditorium, Newark, NJ: 80 attendees, Constitution and By-Laws approved, Officers and Directors elected.

    March 16, 1949  Material Handling Society of New Jersey (MSHNJ) first ‘Official” dinner meeting held at Military Park Hotel, Newark.

    April 4, 1949  American Material Handling Society (AMHS) established as a Society for both users and vendors.

    June 1949  AMHS chartered its first eight local chapters.

    November 15,1949  MHSNJ first plant tour – Allen B. Dumont Co., East Paterson (now Elmwood Park), NJ.

    November, 1950  MHSNJ approved affiliation with AMHS.

    January 1951  MHSNJ received its charter from AMHS; now knows as “American Material Handling Society, New Jersey Chapter.”

    January 13, 1966  AMHS changed its name to “International Materials Management Society” (IMMS).

    1972  New Jersey Chapter held its first “Mini-Expo” table top exhibit.

    1972  New Jersey Chapters conducts its first of many “Safety Fork Truck Rally” (in 1983 and 1985, the Chapter hosted the International Competition).

    1979  New Jersey Chapter with Middlesex County College developed a “pre-Apprentice Training Program for Fork Lift Mechanics.”

    1981  Bloomfield College with the help of the New Jersey Chapter, developed a “Certified Program” in Materials Management.

    May 19, 1983  New Jersey Chapter held its first annual “Golf Outing” at Forest Hills Country Club, Bloomfield, NJ

    1986/1987  New Jersey disaffiliates from IMMS and returned to independency as the “Material Handling Society of New Jersey, Inc.”

    June 1992  MHSNJ established a College Scholarship Fund program, financed primarily by the annual Golf Outing. Awards go to colleges for students who include material handling studies in their college program.

    September 8, 1999  MHSNJ celebrates it’s 50th Anniversary at Forsgate County Club, Jamesburg, New Jersey.

    March 24, 2009  MHSNJ celebrates its 60th Anniversary at The Crowne Plaza, Monroe Township, New Jersey.